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The EswatiniTelecom Charity

The EswatiniTelecom Charity Cup spectacular is an initiative by EswatiniTelecom that generates funds geared towards assisting those who are less privileged in all communities around the country. Funds that are put into the Charity Cup Trust are generated through the following means:

  1. Revenue generagted from gate collections during the two days of soccer matches that are played during the tournament;
  2. Voting proceeds from the tele voting excersice that is conducted leading up to the six top teams, which participate in the EswatiniTelecom Charity Cup tournament.

The Charity Cup Trust Fund has distributed about E7 million since inception forteen years ago. In the distribution of the funds, the EswatiniTelecom Charity Trust Fund looks to vulnerable groups of all descriptions and these are considered every year through requests received from NGOs, to benefit from the funds raised from the EswatiniTelecom Charity Cup. Projects are selected on a needs assessment basis and funds are channeled through the NGOs who deliver the much sought after relief in partnership with EPTC employees and PLS teams. The recipients are spread nationwide and have to apply for funding. The NGOs must be registered as charitable organisations with sustainable projects, as well as audited accounts that show sound financial management. The Charity Trust Fund focuses on organisations that deal with socially vulnerable groups, children in crisis, the elderly, women, the infirm and disabled.

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