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Financial Services

Sivinini Money Transfer

Walk-In Customers

Sivinini Money is a safe, secure, fast and convenient platform that allows for the transfer of money from person to person through all the post office distributed around the country and also to neighbouring countries like South Africa, Lesotho and Botswana.

How it works

Sender: Recipient:


The following are benefits of our Money Transfer Service:

Postal Orders

These are notes obtainable from Swazi Post office counters. Postal orders have a monetary value printed on the face of the note. They allow customers to send money from one place to another, where the receiver exchanges the postal orders for money equivalent to the value of the postal order at the receiving post office.

How it works:

Money Order

A money order is a payment order for a pre-specified amount of money; because it is required that the funds be prepaid for the amount shown on it, it is a more trusted method of payment than cheque. A money order is purchased for the amount desired. In this way it is similar to a certified cheque. The main difference is that money orders are usually limited in maximum face value to some specified figure while certified cheques are not.

How it Works

Recipient: Benefits:

EswatiniPost Insurance

Protecting our families through difficult times is something of importance to us. But have you ever stopped to think about how your family will cope financially should the unexpected happen to you?

The loss of a loved one can be an emotional stress on family members left behind. With the high costs of funeral arrangements, it can quickly become a financial stress as well. EswatiniPost Insurance is designed to assist during these events.

The Plan has two cover options, Silver and Gold Plans and you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs and affordability. Each option covers a policyholder, one spouse and a maximum of four children with a choice to add parent and parents in law as well as extended family members.

In the event that the policyholder passes away due to an accident, double the cash benefit as per the cover option selected will be paid out to the family. Our plans also include the Family support benefit which is paid out to the family in the event that the main member passes away. The benefit will ensure that the family is looked after even when the main member is no longer there.

You will have peace of mind knowing that you have the best protection against unforeseen events.

Who can apply for EswatiniPost insurance?

As the main member you must be older than 18 years but younger than 70 years, your spouse may not be older than age

70 years and your children may not be older than age 17 years when taking out the insurance. Your parents and parents in law may not be older than age 80 years and your extended family members may not be older than age 65 years.

What cover options are available?

You can choose a Plan option that meets your needs from these package options.

Cover Option Benefit Level Monthly Premium

Silver Plan E5000 E32.00

Gold Plan E10,000 E53.00

What optional benefits are available?

We have optional cover for parents and parent-in-law as well as cover for extended family at an additional premium.

*A maximum of 2 parents and 2 parents’ in-laws as well as a maximum of 6 extended family members can be covered for all categories

Optional Benefit Level Monthly premium

Parent and parents in law cover E5000 E22.00

Extended family covers E5000 E 15.00

What benefits are payable should the main member pass away?

In the event that the main member passes away, 100% of the cover selected will be paid out to the beneficiary. If death occurs due to an accident, double the cover amount selected will be paid out. As well as E 3,000 Family support benefit.

For Example: if you have selected the gold plan option, E10, 000 cash benefit will be paid out, in the event of accidental death E20, 000 will be paid out. An additional E3000 family support benefit will be also be paid out.

What Benefits are payable should my covered family members pass away?

The amount of the cash benefit payable is determined by the cover option selected by the policyholder.

For example: if you have selected the silver plan, should your spouse pass away cash benefit of E5, 000.00 will be paid out.

Family member Cash Benefit

Spouse 100% of the cash benefit on the cover selected

Child 14-21 50% of the cash benefit on the cover selected

Child 6-13 25% of the cash benefit on the cover selected

Child under 5 12.5% of the cash benefit on the cover selected

Parents and parents in law E5000

Extended Family E5000

When does my funeral cover start?

Cover starts immediately after you have successfully completed the application process and you have paid your first premium. You can only claim for natural cause death if your policy has been active for six months. However, if death occurs due to an accident, you can claim immediately after your policy has been activated

Until what age will my dependants and I be covered?

Provided that monthly premiums are maintained – the policyholder and the spouse are covered for life as well as parents and parents-in-law. Children are covered up to age 21, or up to age 25 if they are a student at a registered tertiary institution.

How do I claim?

If someone covered on the policy passes away, you and/or your nominated beneficiary must go the nearest EswatiniPost branch to claim.

How long does it take for a claim to be paid?

All valid claims will be paid within 48 hours after all the required claim documents have been submitted to EswatiniPost.

The following documents must to be submitted during the claim process:

• Fully completed Claim Form

• Certified copy of the proof of identity of the deceased

• Certified copy of proof of identity of the beneficiary

• Police report (if death was due to an accident)

When will a claim not be valid?

A claim will not be valid when death occurs in the following instances:

1. Invasion or act of foreign enemy

2. Hostilities (whether war is declared or not)

3. Involvement in criminal activity

4. Suicide or self-inflicted injuries within the first 24 months following the commencement date.

5. The effects of radioactivity or nuclear explosion

6. Accidental Death as a result of riot, private flying, hazardous sports or any illegal acts where the deceased was directly involved.

7. Non-compliance to medical treatment


EswatiniPost is an organization that strives to meet his Majesty’s King Mswati III vision 2022, by bringing products and services to the people in both urban and rural areas in Swaziland. EswatiniPost currently offers a variety of financial services such as Sivinini Money Transfer, School fees payment and EswatiniPost Insurance.

EswatiniPost has taken a step further and has brought banking services to the people. EswatiniPost has joined forces with SwaziBank to provide ATM based transactions (withdrawals, Deposit, transfers) through Point-Of-Sale gadgets in 20 Post Offices. 

SwaziBank customers in rural places no longer need to travel long distances and incur travelling costs because they can now access banking services at the nearest post office anywhere in the country.

The banking services in the post offices include account opening, deposits and withdrawals for all SwaziBank customers. Accounts to be opened are both Transactor and Investments accounts.

Transactor Accounts include Current Accounts, Siyakhula Savings Account, Umlolongi Students Account, Umlamuli Account and Ordinary Savings Account.

Investment Accounts include Siphephelo Savings Account, Insika Accounts and Call Accounts

Nature of Transactions – Card Based

This type of Service allows customers to withdraw, deposit; transfer funds and enquire account balance using SwaziBank Debit Card.

These card based transactions have a withdrawal limit of E4000.00 depending on customer ATM card limit and all other transactions such as deposits, fund transfers have a limit of E4000.00.

When visiting the Post Office for any card based transactions, customers must carry their SwaziBank ATM card as well as the Swaziland National Identification or any other acceptable form of identity to access POS withdrawals.

Open your bank Account;

Customers can also open the following SwaziBank accounts at the post office:

  • Siyakhula Savings Accounts
  • Umlolongi Student Accounts
  • Umlamuli Savings Accounts
  • Ordinary Savings Accounts
  • Savings Accounts

Requirement for opening an account with Swazibank:

  • National ID or Passport
  • Residential address verification document (KYC)
  • Account activation amount.



In a bid to improve the rural economy community groups such as churches, hawkers, stokvels and registered and unregistered associations, Swazibank has the following service offering

Limit on Deposits E200.00 or more month

Group Account Opening Requirements;

  • A resolution to open the account signed by the executive committee.
  • Constitution that underscores the powers of the executive committee.
  • National ID cards of the executive committee.
  • Proof of residence (KYC) for the executive committee (Water bill, electricity bill, Letter from Umphakatsi, etc).
  • Account activation amount which is E500.00 or more.

The SwaziBank services are available at the following post offices:

  • Lavumisa
  • Nsoko
  • Hluti
  • Hlathikhulu
  • Big Bend
  • Mpaka
  • Mhlume
  • Tshaneni
  • Ntfonjeni
  • Buhleni
  • Ngwenya
  • Motjane
  • Lobamba
  • Luyengo
  • Bhunya
  • Mankayane
  • Mbabane
  • Hub

For more information visit your nearest post office or call 8002100

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