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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What services does Phutfumani Couriers offer? COURIER, FREIGHT, CUSTOM CLEARING AND BONDED WAREHOUSING.
  2. Can I just send parcels with Phutfumani Couriers or do I have to open an account with them? Yes you can send without an account. We refer these as cash customers.
  3. How many destinations can Phutfumani Couriers deliver to globally? We deliver all over the world.
  4. How will I know what my shipment is going to cost when I send it? The cost of shipment for a parcel is calculated based on the weight of the parcel as well as the destination
  5. Does Phutfumani Couriers offer insurance for goods in transit? YES, 5% OF THE ITEM’S VALUE
  6. How long does it take for international or local documents or parcels to reach their destination?
    • INTERNATIONAL DOCCUMENTS / PARCELS: varies, please refer to zones and transist schedule attached
    • LOCAL DOCUMENTS/PARCELS:  Same day delivery
  7. Where can I find other Phutfumani Couriers Branches around the country? ALL SWAZI POST BRANCHES (POST OFFICES) COUNTRY WIDE.
  8. How can I identify if my parcel has reached its destination? Through the Track and Trace facility .or call Centre - 8002100
  9. What are your operating hours, can I send my goods at any time?
    • MONDAY TO FRIDAY 08:00 TO 16:45HRS
    • SATURDAYS 08:00RHS TO 12:00HRS
  10. What is Phutfumani Couriers & Freight Services’ business?
    1. Courier
    2. Freight
    3. Customs Clearing
    4. Warehousing
  11. Where does Phutfumani collect?
    We collect locally and Internationally
  12. Who do you collect for?
    Collect for companies & Individuals
  13. What are your charges / rates?
    1. Transport fee is charged based on actual weight and volumetric
    2. There is a standing handling documentation fee E80.00 (International parcels)
    3. ASYCUDA fee E40.00
  14. What does Phutfumani Require to collect a parcel from outside Swaziland?
    1. Company name where to collect
    2. Company Exporter’s Code
    3. Physical address
    4. Telephone #
    5. Contact person
    6. Parcel Contents / Type of shipment/ order #/Ref #
    7. Weight of consignment (Actual weight /Dimensions)
    8. Value of parcel before VAT
    9. Your name or Company
    10. Contact person
    11. TIN if we are collecting for the company
    12. SRA account if collecting for the company
  15. What is ASYCUDA and Where is it registered?
    1. ASYCUDA : Automated System data
    2. SRA Mbabane
    3. We can also assit client to register fo ASYCUDA
  16. How much do you charge to assist me?
    It’s free.
  17. What do you require to register/ need form me?
    1. Copy of ID
    2. Physical Address
    3. Postal address
    4. Your details.
  18. How long does Phutfumani take to deliver?
    1. Domestic: same day
    2. South Africa: overnight
    3. International: 2 - 3 days depending on the ZONE.
  19. What is a ZONE?
    We classify country by zones
  20. When do I pay?
    1. COD when receiving the parcel
    2. COD when sending the parcel
  21. Do you pay VAT on my behalf?
    Yes, but we will require the money from you.
  22. Do you claim S. African VAT?

Contact Us

Phutfumani Building, Mahlokohla Street, Mbabane
P.O BOX 125, Mbabane
(00268) 2405 2000
800 2000 (TOLL FREE)
(00268) 2405 2020
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