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About SwaziPost

SwaziPost is the country´s prime mover of written communications and parcels with services comprising ordinary and registered mail, a courier and freight moving. The Post Office provides the most cost-effective delivery option.

SwaziPost is a delivery agent for Government, paying out social grants, and is a retail outlet for MTN, Swaziland Electricity Company, SwaziTelecom, Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation and Swaziland Water Services Corporation.

Cellphone and landline airtime, money transfer services, stationery, and philatelic products are also available, while Internet cafes and computer accessories are provided throughout Swaziland.

With 33 major outlets and 69 agencies, SwaziPost serves remote and rural parts of the country and has introduced mail room management and post direct, as well as banking and hybrid mail services through a computerisation project. All postal transactions are now computerised, improving efficiency and enhancing service delivery.

The following is a list of service products from SwaziPost:

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Phutfumani Building, Mahlokohla Street, Mbabane
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